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Playforte Safeguarding 

We take the safeguarding of our children very seriously at Playforte.


Playforte is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for its students and is proud to have been one of the first children's organisations to set up a Safeguarding Protocol for its schools. The Playforte Child Safeguarding Policy is available to parents and staff at all of our schools.

A vital part of Playforte Child Safeguarding arrangements is that each class is run by a teacher whose role is to supervise rather than teach. Whilst the tuition is delivered by specialist teachers the Principal is free to visit and observe all of the classes at the school.

Playforte requires all of its Principals, teachers and assistants to apply for enhanced clearance via the DBS - Disclosure and Barring Service (formerly CRB) and its structure is often used as an example of Best Practice when Child Safeguarding issues are discussed.


In addition, every Playforte Tutor has direct contact with a dedicated Child Safeguarding team and receives professional help and advice on those rare occasions that it is required. This protocol was established by the late Ray Wyre, a well known and respected figure in the field of children's safety. Since his death in 2008 Playforte has the services of this dedicated child safeguarding agency - Phoenix Forensic Consultants, now run by Steve Lowe, a specialist within the field of child protection. It is the small class sizes and the immediate access to expert professional advice at any time that sets Playforte apart from many other organisations working with children. 


Playforte Theatre Inclusivity Policy


In recognition that attending Playforte can have a significant and positive impact on the lives of children and young people, this aspect of our service provision is highly valued by Parents (of children attending classes), the Franchisees and the Franchisor alike, it is our aim to continue a practice of inclusivity across the network of schools.


It is our aim to give each child the best possible experience of our brand.


Playforte Theatre is an inclusive organisation with an equal opportunities recruitment policy that also applies to the enrolment of its students. Beyond the ability to have fees paid for them, children and young people from all backgrounds are offered the same opportunity and support needed to attend and participate whether for education, personal development, pleasure or vocation/career.


All prospective students should be welcomed to apply regardless of social, political, religious and cultural background, sexual orientation or gender and likewise the Playforte opportunity should be open to all abilities through effective marketing initiatives.


To this end Playforte Theatre classes do not hold auditions for places at their scheduled classes. Playforte Theatre Tutors commit to giving their students a high quality artistic and professional experience of the performing arts using a diverse range of teaching techniques. Some children and young people can have a range of individual needs including SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) or more complex behaviours that our teachers may be able to integrate into a Playforte class effectively.


However, it must also be recognised that such children and young people can be vulnerable and not all children will be able to cope with the ensemble style used in our best practice teaching methods. Parents should be clear that the two week trial works from both sides and it may not be possible to include members who, although enjoying the experience, are either disruptive to the learning of the main body of the group in which they are placed or who are not able to access learning or participate and engage in the learning activity.


The Playforte Tutor will, where possible and where resources are available, make reasonable adjustments to accommodate the physical, behavioural and learning needs of the child.

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